Have You Seen Tom From Myspace Lately?

Do you remember your first friend? No, we're not talking about your actual first friend that you met on the playground in preschool...We're talking your

January 25, 2018 Entertainment

13 Things We Learned From Taylor Swift’s Former Internet Life on MySpace, YouTube and More

Before Taylor Swift was, well, Taylor Swift, she was just like the rest of us, posting vlogs on YouTube and sharing her teenage thoughts and

December 12, 2016 Entertainment

Kim Kardashian: ‘Kanye would have preferred it if I stayed away from Taylor Swift drama’

The rapper appreciates his stylish wife''s input when it comes to music, fashion and live shows

September 29, 2016 Music

Kim Kardashian: Everyone was grabbing my ass

This week's cover of Billboard, on news stands tomorrow, features Kim Kardashian.

September 29, 2016 Music

Little Mix: ‘Working with Ryan Lewis was incredible’

Little Mix was overawed at landing the opportunity to work with top producer Ryan Lewis, as he usually only works with Macklemore

August 12, 2016 Music

Flaming Lips cover Stones Roses album

The Flaming Lips will release a full cover version of the Stone Roses debut album for this year's Black Friday edition of Record Store Day

November 18, 2013 Music

RiRi ‘falling for Brown’

Rihanna is said to be "falling" for her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown following his anger management treatment

November 17, 2013 Music

X Factor 2014: Who’s set to take the hot seats?

Ground breaking news has only recently reached fans of the X Factor; it looks as though there will be a complete judge overhaul

November 16, 2013 Music
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