Sagan Daniels AKA Ziggy da Zeba - Not the Norm - BreakLondon

Not the Norm – Wednesday’s  7pm-9pm.

 Sagan Daniels AKA Ziggy da Zeba.  Tip toeing around the education and commercial wings of Break London (with the grace of a gazelle on ice), Sagan has managed to use his theatrical experiences to full advantage. Trained in the dramatic arts he has managed to mangle all of his transferrable skills into being a fully committed full time member of the Break team. From his humble beginnings as a snot nosed infant (see attached picture) he has always had aspirations of the big time, and hasn’t he landed on his feet! His Ape journey began with a trip to east Africa where upon he met Trevor and was infected by Ape’s ‘can do’ attitude. Quickly establishing himself on several course and the radio and film production side of things, Sagan rapidly entrenched himself in the fabric of both companies. Coming to terms with the prospect of becoming a future workaholic, Sagan has many toes in many external pies; including the V&A museum, National Youth Theatre, Kori Youth Theatre and two  rugby clubs, which all attributes to his bipolar energy output. Ever the learning keen bean Sagan hopes that, all that he has been and all that he is will feed into making him the best person that he can be! Developing talent revitalising the industry…long live Not The Norm

3 hugs, 2 kisses, and 1 love


Favourite song: anything by the Roots or King of Leon (or anything that a banger!) then again there’s Nina…I can’t answer this question

Favourite film: Can you not see how indecisive my above answer was, it doesn’t get much better for this one…I have no idea (too many to mention)

Favourite quote: You’re born, you take ****. You get out in the world, you take more ****. You climb a little higher, you take less ****. Till one day you’re up in the rarefied atmosphere and you’ve forgotten what **** even looks like. Welcome to the layer cake son.