Mim Shaikh - The Shaikh World show at BreakLondon

The Takeover – ‘The Shaikh World Show’ – Friday’s  7pm-8pm


2 days after it’s broadcasted on Leeds student radio, ‘The Shaikh World Show’ hits Break London. The show focuses on the UK Urban scene and looks at all that is ‘out front’ within the scene throughout the week.


“I try my best in producing top standard interviews with music artists who I think listeners would want to know more about” Mim Shaikh


On the show so far the likes of Skepta, Lowkey, Krept, Konan, G FrSH, Marvell and J.Cole’s Manager have all made an appearance.


So if you like good music, good interviews, good news, new talent and the UK scene in general GET INVOLVED.


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Stay blessed.