Hundreds of teenagers in the borough will be given the chance to channel their creativity by working on an online sexual health publication devised by Shine ALOUD.


Statistics show that 1 in 6 young people are affected by Chlamydia in Newham, in addition to 1 in 26 young people becoming underage parents. Findings reveal factors such as peer pressure, the media and self esteem issues significantly have negative effects in pushing teenagers towards sexual activities, yet the major issue above all is the lack of information regarding, contraception, family structure and sexuality.



The Shine ALOUD magazine will act as a learning resource providing information on sex and relationships as well as provide young people in the borough with the experience of working first hand on a media publication where they can contribute content, ranging from pictures, articles and ideas in general as well as have the opportunity to discuss issues concern sex and relationships openly with peers.


Shine ALOUD are an East London sexual health group that educates young people about sex and relationships via workshops and events. In the last 3 years they have attracted over 500 young people to their events, held workshops at local community centres and youth clubs as well as devised and distributed a leaflet on condom usages and sexual health.


Sheerece Lee is a peer educator from Manor Park and lead campaigner behind the Channel 4 Battlefront campaign Let’s Talk about sex which aims to increase peer on peer sex education in schools. She met with Shine ALOUD in September and wanted to work with them which she hopes will expand her campaign.


Educating young people about sex and relationships are crucial in this climate she says ‘they catch an STI or get pregnant and have to deal with the issue sometimes without a clue of what is happening. I’ve interviewed and spoke to so many young and older people and surprisingly a lot of young people watch porn because they are confused or have no one to talk to about sex. This is BAD! Porn is complete fiction and it’s worrying that young people watch it for guidance when it comes to sex!’


The Shine ALOUD magazine is now out via .