A little about Break London…

Break London is a unique online multi-media platform; which showcases new and undiscovered British talent.  We aim to target a general audience of 15-30 year olds.

Break London platforms:  Break London Radio, Break London Magazine, and Break London TV.

Break London is aimed at creative London! We’ve also created an online magazine aimed at a 15-30 year olds that will break new ground with its up to the minute news, features, fashion and lifestyle.

The inspiration for Break London comes from our quest to break down barriers across the city and bring together communities to interact and become part of our digital revolution!  By covering everything from exclusive private events, launch parties, new artists, creative talent to community issues we’ll be able to offer so much more.

Contributors to Break London are the new generation of talented journalists, producers, presenters, DJs, writers, photojournalists, TV directors, animators and editors (To name a few!).

Music – We love music. Supporting first and foremost the UK, and of course the US & Worldwide! Urban, Pop, Alternative? We’ve got it covered!

Talent – New talent is what makes us tick! We aim to showcase the best of British, whether it is music, film or creative arts! Providing a platform for all to shine!

Lifestyle – It’s good to chill. Films, Fashion, Events & Gadgets. Just part of what we cover.

Up and coming artists – Whether they’re part of the music scene, in the arts or any other creative industry, Break London can be used as a platform to progress and get noticed within the industry. We will push to cover new content across all three platforms.

At Break London, although we love new talent we never forget about those that have already made it in the industry.  Instead we review and interview these people so they can encourage and inspire younger generations.

Who’s in?

Supported by Ape Media (www.ape-media.com), with over eight years of experience in the creative industry, and a group of young experienced entrepreneurs’, together we’re ensuring Break London brings a new dimension to the digital media world. Ape-Media won the regional Enterprising Britain Award in 2010, as well as making it to the UK finals.

Break London uses a holistic approach combining personal development, technical/ digital skills and professional experience into a learning process to meet the needs of volunteers, employers and community as follows:

•  Volunteers are equipped with the life / social / technical skills necessary to function effectively in the work and social environment and ensure a smooth transition into economic independence

• Employers are provided with a pool of responsible, adaptable, focused and skilled individuals with leadership potential who want to succeed

• The community is resourced with an ethical service from volunteers / social enterprise initiatives rooted in the principles of respect, social responsibility and cohesion.

Our motto defines what we do best; we give people the chance to shine.

We are Break London and we’re breaking down the barriers.

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